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Dumbbells Manufacturer in Bhubaneswar Odisha

What is a dumbbells:
Dumbbells is a free weight device or equipment where in center one rod is holding two weights in different measures. So that one can hold or grip easily to lift in different motion for different workout reasons. So Dumbbells are in different weight measures like in kgs (Kilograms) or in Lbs (Pounds). Mostly 1kg, to 10kg dumbbell used and also in 2.5 kg variation up to 50kg available in fitness equipment stores. 1kg to 20kg dumbbells are used in home gyms.  These are all fix dumbbells. Another type of available in market is ADJUSTABLE Dumbbells where one pair of dumbbells rods are used with some dumbbell plates. So it will help in reducing costing of dumbbells sets. But these adjustable dumbbells are not preferred by Gym owners rather than home use purposes because it is not convenient to changes the weights all the time. 
Strength training for all sports and physical activities is becoming popular.
Dumbbells is a exercise device which are widely many of sports and games used for weight training exercises in Gyms, Body building, power lifting, physical fitness programs athletic Sports like sort-put, High jump, Long jump, Discuss throw, javelin throw, and ground games like ,  tennis, wrestling, foot ball, hockey, rowing, rowing, marathon, basket ball, base ball etc. We also seen in used at martial art training. These free weights are use by mostly enhance there performances in using different ways. So everyone says DUMBBELLS is Weight training device. Specifically if we can say it is used for strength training to develop strength of a muscle and skeletal muscle sizes. With the way force of gravity  exercises targeting specific muscle groups can benefits muscle strength as well as muscle shapes and sizes. Proper guidance of training is required for using this devices. We advice to take help under a skilled guidance of a proper trainer experts to use these devices.
Why we need dumbbells for exercise:
With few pair of dumbbell one can keep himself fit.
History of Dumbbells:
History of Dumbbells we can say in ancient time people were using  lifting stones for exercises, because these were not convenient to use gradually these were developed the shapes ans sizes with different kind of materials like steel, cast iron, whole rubber, PVC, Iron with rubber coated etc. Dumbbells, Barbell, kettle bell, bottle bell. Because in different countries according to there mind and availability if things they started using different devices. 
What is advantage and disadvantages of our Dumbbells:
Where and how to buy and to check quality of Dumbbells when you are buying:
Generally free weights are available in Sports shops, Malls, Fitness equipment stores and in online stores. It depends for what purpose you require. When you are buying for your home use you have to think about your budget. Then you can select the kinds and verities of dumbbells you require which are  available in fitness equipment market. If you buy from online store you can not check physically either it shoots you or not. May be in online store sometime prices are less and after you buying the same if you do not like that you have to return to them with a headache. If you go to a sports shop you may not get verities of free weight stuffs because those stores or shops are not specific sales fitness equipment. So it is always advisable to buy from fitness equipment store because you will find verities and range of dumbbells you want. 
We still believe that DUMBBELLS are originated in India. Since from the the beginning Dumbbells were being used in Desi gyms in all parts of India. Various kinds of Dumbbells used and available in market in pounds and in kilograms. Dumbbells, Barbbells, Kettle bells weights, Bottle bell weight, Barbbell rods and barbbell plates know as free weights. Free weights are one of more important equipment in Gym and Fitness Field without which one gym equipment can not be completed.
Dumbbells can be used all various exercises for all body part muscles.
Different Dumbbell are used like Cast iron dumbbells, Mild steel Chromed Dumbbells, Rubber coated or Rubber head Hex Dumbbells, Rubber quote round cushioned Dumbbells, PVC coated Dumbbells etc.

Its a small exercise device which can be used gyms, home, grounds and in any other places. 

Which types of Dumbbells best for which exercise.

Compare dumbbells to other brands
How we are matain quality of these quality.
How our manufacturer engineering is best as impoted quality.

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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Barbell V Shaped Press Down Bar Cable Attachments

Barbell V Shaped Press Down Bar Cable Attachments

M.R.P.    600
Price    550

  1. V-shaped press down solid steel bar
  2. High, polished chrome finish
  3. Weight lifting and fitness cable

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

48 mm Olympic Barbbell Bar per feet @ 700 Bhubaneswar Odisha

48 mm Olympic Barbbell Bar per feet

M.R.P.    750
Price    700 


Product Specification :

Per feet Rs.750 /-
Imported Item in low price at MRP Fitness BHubaneswar 

Adjustable Iron Dumbbells set in low price at MRP Fitness Bhubaneswar Odisha

Adjustable Iron Dumbbells set

M.R.P.    3,000
Price    2,850 

Product Specification :

MRP FITNESS Adjustable Iron Dumbbells set consists each one pair 25lbs, 20lbs, 15lbs, 10lbs,5 lbs with one solid iron chromed bar.

Per Lbs 16 INR 

Store Location :

MRP Fitness
Plot No-91,(SCR)
Kharavela Nagar,Unit-3
Mobile:+(91)-9776633220 / 9337702425

Octane X - Ride Seated Elliptical Cross Trainer in low price and service in Bhubaneswar Odisha

Octane X - Ride Seated Elliptical Cross Trainer

M.R.P.    300,000
Price    270,000 

Mob: +91-9776633220

Product Specification :


Performance seat gain leverage in your upper-body workouts

MultiGrip handlebars offer a variety of hand positions for push/pull efficiency and muscle isolation

Muscle Endurance adds resistance and challenges your troubled areas; customizable on the xR6e and xR6ce

Chest Press builds endurance and upper-body power; customizable on the xR6e and xR6ce

Leg Press an aggressive routine to build power in your legs; customizable on the xR6e and xR6ce

Superior electronics with preset resistance programs and upgraded HeartLogic Intelligence features on the xR6e and xR6ce

Seat height and tilt adjustment for comfort and proper exercise position

Convenient step-through design allows easy access

Solid, space-efficient platform product weight over 240 lbs., yet is significantly shorter and more narrow than other premium ellipticals or treadmills

Oversized soft grip pedals for variety and comfort in foot placement

MOM Mode optimizes safety by disabling console buttons and restricting movement

Multi Grip

Numerous hand positions better engage the upper body and facilitate moving at various paces and directions against different resistance levels

Seat Ergonomics 

The Active Seat Position is uniquely designed to adjust and comfortably accommodate any size exerciser, while opening up the torso and maximizing the use of the muscles in the hips

Muscle Endurance

This virtual personal trainer prompts you to experience ultra-cross training with periodic commands to push and pull the arms, pedal fast, go in reverse and more. Enjoy exceptional conditioning with this effective, efficient interval program.

Stationary Foot Steps

   Exercisers are able to isolate the upper body for focused strength workouts simply by resting their feet comfortably on the stationary foot pegs


Oversized pedals accommodate every size foot, and soft rubber provides a safe grip surface while enabling you to maximize your efforts.

BH FItness Treadmill in Low price with Service available in Bhubaneswar Odisha

BH FItness H G 6442 Pioneer Classic Treadmill

M.R.P.    50,000
Price    45,000 

Product Specification :

Motor   1.5 HP / 2.5 HPP
Speed   1-14 km/h / 0.6~8.7 mph
Elevation   Mechanical 2 position
Running Surface  
122x44cm / 49.2"x17.3"

Anti - Slip running belt

Monitor   3 LCD Screens
Display 3 LCD Screens   Time / Speed / Distance / Calories / Pulse / Programs
Instant Speed keys   none
Instant Incline keys   none
Dimensions ( L x W x H)    160x73x133 cm
Weight   52kg / 115lbs 
Pre - Set Programs    3 Pre - set Profiles


Largest running belt in the same level

Compared with the other treadmills in the same level, G6442 is equipped with the largest running belt. The width reaches 440 mm that will definitely satisfy you. It gives maximum room to reach any length stride and side-to-side comfot

Large LCD window display

The workout information displays in different windows. With the separate windows, you can easily track and monitor your speed, time, incline, calories and speed. All the information you need is easier to read.

Silver coating

Nice and shining coating of G6442 treadmill is not only the classic design but also protects the machine from sweat and rusting.

 Braille - friendly design

BH is the first to care about the blind people. The 3D console button pad provides the easiest use.

Contact pulse measurement system

The convenient design of contact pulse measurement system allow users to easily and comfortable control the exercise progress.

1.4T running belt

The double woven 2-ply belts with three layers on G6442 treadmill provides the durability and stops the belt from over-stretching.

Covex Roller technology

BH adopted the tapered roller techniques to create the Covex Roller. This design could help the running belt to automatically position and enhance the durability of running belt