Sunday, 21 February 2016

Benefits of using a treadmill !

Exercise helps us to keep fit in many ways. That is physically to strengthen the bones and muscles as well as release stress and depression. There are many ways of doing exercise like swimming, running, jogging, sports activities and playing out door or indore games, athelatics, martialart practice, dancing etc. But sometimes it may not be possible to do exercise as so many factors are involved like a proper ground, team mates, playing equipments, weather condition and most vaulable time. To concentrate all these games in order to maintain exercise schdule may not be possible because of above factors. For non stop exercise schedule treadmill workout is known as the most convenient for all as treadmill is an all weather exercise source without getting interrupted in any weather condition.
 Especially when your outdoor activities are preoccupied in many other ways treadmill use will keep your exercise schedule update. Experts says a 30 minutes daily exercise on a treadmill will help you to stay far from heart disease, diabetes, colestrel level, blood preasure, colon cancer, stress and depresion. The persons having past record of these diseases must workout under the knowledge of medical supervision or experts. Improvised treadmill workout the following measures can be derived.

  • Weight loss

  • Healthy heart

  • Improved muscle tone

  • Increase energy level

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