Monday, 8 February 2016

How many types of treadmills are used?

Manual /Motorised:
Manual treadmill: in a manual treadmill user can workout on it by pushing the conveyor belt with his/her feet. Again there are two types of manual treadmills. One is with several rollers on which the conveyor belt moves and other with a particle board or ply board on which the conveyor belt moves. We can say it is a self driven workout treadmill where the user has to run the machine with his own effort. Features available with these type of treadmills are speed control, distance measurement, pulse rate measurement and calorie burnt data. These treadmill are most economic models available in market where the manufacturing cost is nominal and during use consumption of electricity does not arise.

Motorised treadmill: 
it is an automatic machine where the conveyor belt is moved by the motor. Here to workout on this treadmill the user need not require any self driven effort to run the machine. Here is an important question to be answered. Whether workout on a manual treadmill is better than using a mortised one? Answer: researchers and fitness experts indicated that regular use of manual treadmill for a longer period may cause possibility of damaging to the valuable vital body parts like spine, hip, knee, and ankle joints. To workout on a manual treadmill your body posture has to stoop/tilt to front to run the machine for workout with users own feet which may cause hazards.

Now a days using of various ranges of motorized treadmills are seen for home and commercial use. Different quality, brands, features treadmill are available in the market.

There are generally two types of motor used in treadmill.

One is PMDC (Permanent Magnet Direct Current motor) another is AC (Alternate Current motor). Generally PMDC motor is used for home purpose and AC motor treadmills used for commercial purposes.

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