Wednesday, 17 February 2016

How to operate the treadmill ?

  •  Plug on the machine
  • Switch on the machine on the top panel
  • Display will count down from 3-2-1 then the machine conveyor belt will start moving
  • First stand on the side rail of the machine and do not stand on the belt while the machine is getting ready. We suggest to step on it for any motorized treadmill after belt starts moving at 2km speed. As the conveyor belt moves to the reverse the step should be taken on the forward line. Keep the whole body free not stiff. Long steps have to be taken in order to match the movement of the conveyor belt. As per your running workout capacity regulate pace accordingly. And increase the speed gradually and not suddenly. Timing of each step will reduce as the speed increases. Speed range of treadmill varies from 1 km/hr to 24km/hr. Brisk walking speed is equal to treadmill speed at no 5 km/hr. Do not use the speed switch at higher speed all of a sudden. To prevent treadmill accident all user must know the pace capacity of the treadmill. Selct your workout progrrame as per your age, weight, health condition. The prescribed workout programme can be followed or mannualy can customise to his own workout plan. In order to derive 2% inclination mode will provide extra cushion on deck. Fitness experts say that incline mode should be applied on a later stage. To workout in a inclination mode a user has to make himself enough fit. Unless a user is fit enough it mayhave impact on spine or back as the body posture matters the most on the treadmill. Do not stop the machine abruptly on a high speed mode. Gradually slow down the speed and incline level while working out on treadmill. Walk at 3-4km/hr speed for 4-5 minutes as cool down exercise. This is good for the user as well as the machine.
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