Tuesday, 9 February 2016

How to select to buy a treadmill ?

A) First of all you should be clear on you your basic need of your treadmill. Select accordingly whether for home use or for commercial purpose.
B) Budget- users must select this equipment as per there requirement and budget. It is advisable to opt for hi end treadmill where all advanced features are available, if budget is not a constrain. Low budget treadmills may not offer appropriate running area size which may not be comfortable for workout. These have low power motor and components with less price which may not last long or may not perform well. People prefer 20”X 58” running deck sizes for home use treadmill is and 
20”X 60” for commercial use.
C) Availability
When you think to own a treadmill you must know your requirement like for whom and how many number of users will use the treadmill like user weight, users age, and users genders. If case of a single user the machine for a home use grade, if the number of users are more, it’s advisable to avail semi commercial equipment. For running the machine continuously for a longer period at a stretch, use commercial treadmills only. These treadmills are made for heavy load bearing and can run for hours together. Home use, Semi commercial use and Commercial purpose treadmills define that the numbers of users and running time. The home use/ domestic use treadmill is manufactured with a light frame, low power motor to minimize the cost where as commercial treadmill manufactured for rough and continuous use.
Generally PMDC(permanent magnet direct current) motor are used for for home/domestic use machine and AC(alternate current) motor are used for commercial use treadmills. PMDC motor can run at a stretch 45 minutes-1 hours of time where as ac motor treadmill can be used for longer hours.
If your budget permits always try to have a good quality, high end, branded treadmill. Unlike other luxurious products, a treadmill device retains your most prioritized; because of your health value is concern. Present society majority of people suffer from many serious diseases like diabetics, hypertension, and cardiac problems due to lack of proper exercise. Even now, the doctor advises for a regular workout. And the treadmill workout will be the most convenient, correct and positive solution for the above advice.

Keeping the above facts in mind a buyer who is willing to buy a treadmill should do justice for his purchase in selecting the right treadmill machine as per the requirement. As treadmills have different features the buyer must know the features available before buying the treadmill as per his/her budgetary provision. 

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