Tuesday, 16 February 2016

How to take care of a treadmill ?

Check before use:
  • Lubrication of deck and belt  periodically
  • Clean the sweat drops at the side rail and handles bars with slightly damp cloth with good quality liquid cleansing solvent after every use
  • Before moving the treadmill from one place to another or cleaning, for sure unplug the treadmill and clean/wipe the surface
  • Power input checkup- it is advisable to use separate electric panel board from the main line with proper load bearing wire cable without any additional extension cord. Proper earthing should be provided to the electric line connection. Voltage input must be 220 volt to 230 volt. It may vary from place to place and as per equipment specification. It is advisable to install a voltage stabilizer on each machine to maintain accurate voltage for better safety of the electronic components attached to the treadmill
  • User has to remember to switch off and unplug the machine when not in use
  • during thunder storm/lightning treadmill should not be used
  • Cover the treadmill after use to protect from dust
  • Dusting/cleaning/periodical servicing should be done once in every 100 hours of use
  • Always use clean separate shoe for treadmill in order to maintain cleanliness, to protect the conveyor belt or deck.

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