Wednesday, 17 February 2016

How to use treadmill safely!

Whether you are a very new user or habitual user all must follow the user rules. Before starting workout, follow the tips mentioned below:

As the climatic condition vary from place to place, before the very first time use of a brand new treadmill the machine has to be wormed up to the room temperature, which should not be too cold or highly moisture. Though it is an in-door device must be kept in-door only for use or test, in order to avoid premature electronic failure

Loose clothes should not be used during treadmill workout lest they may get caught with any part of the treadmill to result accident. At the same time use comfortable sweat absorb colthes. Elastic gripped full trouser, athletic gears/clothes are mostly recommended, or wear shorts and capries

Barefoot workout is strictly prohibited on a treadmill. It causes injuries. Running or walking on a normal surface may not cause any problem as the surface is still. Human feet sole muscles are naturally made to grip the still surface to walk or run. But treadmill workout is different, as the conveyor belt is moving and the griping function of the foot sole muscle is rapidly over active, possibility of causing damage to feet muscles to a regular user. When treadmill runs, hit is generated form the friction of conveyor belt and deck. Running barefooted on a treadmill may lead to blisters, while the toe of the feet stumps the running belt first. Therefore we suggest wearing a recomonded good shoe for safety reasons. A sports athlatic shoe must be used during treadmill workout. Shoe must be with soft sole, without any spikes, studded, accurate size, with lace preferred, flexibility of shoe sole should not bend in the arch and should bend/flexible in the ball of the feet. Specific treadmill shoes are being manufactured by some companies providing comfortable inbuilt cusioned shoes which enables the user to absorb the body weight of the user. So that extra cushioning effect benefit may help. Walking or running on a treadmill bare footed may result collision of the feet with the side rail cause injury to feet and other part

Warm up and cool down method mode on treadmill:

It is advisable to do some worm up exercise like stretching before using a treadmill. New users should refer to the operational manual or take guidance from the trainer. Before concluding each workout session slow down process of the pace has to be adopted. Walking 3-4 km/hr for 4-5 minutes as a cool down exercise has to be done, so that the pulse rate will go down slowly to normal and not suddenly

All treadmills are provided with an emergency safety key. This has to be clipped on the t-shirt/top of the user while using the treadmill, so that in case of emergency slip, trip and fall or for any other reason the safety key on its own will detach from the top panel of the treadmill which will help to protect user to stop the machine at once

Operational knowledge on the switches should be obtained before use of the treadmill

Keep your body and head facing forward while walking or jogging on treadmill

Do not ever try to turn around or look backwards while you are on the running treadmill

Stop workout immidiately if you feel pain, faint or short of breath during workout

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