Wednesday, 10 February 2016

What is the average life span of a treadmill?

        Like any other machine treadmill’s longevity depends on it brand, make and maintenance. A good branded treadmill manufacturer conveys the quality of the components fitted in the treadmill for long lasting in order to market their products. Some manufacturers who do not have provision to make quality components, and they sell the products at lower price in market. Hence we should not expect a durable product from such manufactures. While buying a treadmill, do ensure from the seller facilities and provision of after sales service and periodical maintenance. We suggest 3-4 times general service should be provided to the machine in a year and also number services depend on the hours of use of machine.
Performance and longevity also depends on the range of the treadmill. Higher range treadmills even last for longer period with high their capacity motors, thick high quality conveyor belt, roller bearing, and deck, solid and strong frame etc will help to last long with higher technology. The average life span of a home/ domestic use treadmill may lasts 3,000-10,000 hours approx. Commercial grade treadmill may work for 30,000 hours or more approx. After the above prescribed hours of running for both types of treadmill the frequency of services require to be done at shorter intervals and a constant vigil has to keep on the machines

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