Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Why should we use a treadmill?

We should use a treadmill for exercise. Using of treadmill helps to workout for burning calories and maintaing health and fitness. Treadmill is all weather exercise machines which can be used on users will and time. In today's busy schedule we do not get time and place for workout. It can be the best device for time and space management, in rough weather condition like rains, snow fall, outdoor pollution the only means to workout on a treadmill is best source. Your workouts will not get interrupted at any point of time.

         Swimming and running are considered to be mother of all exercise. “Swimming” though has no adverse impact on body, has its limitations too like availability of clean water ponds, swimming pools and safe rivers. Swimming as an exercise can not be done every where. Clean water swimming protects our skin and vital organs of our body. As it mat not be possible for all to have an access to clean water ponds, spring water, and swimming pools. By and large people prefer “walking, jogging and running” on the grounds, play grounds, walking park, pavements, tiled walikning path, river belts, sea sores and roads. Most of them are unaware of the adverse affects of running on hard surfaces. Running on hard surface has an impact transient face spike through your joints. Many experts have given their views whether it good or bad running on hard surfaces. Like every problem has solutions, some experts given their views by suggesting for use of different type of cushioned shoes while walking, jogging and running. Many are of the view that by running on road or hard surface the impact transient face spike through your joints damages knee, ankle and hip joints on regular practice.

 Now exercise is to keep us healthy and not to invite health/joint problem at a future date. Running on the ground is also subject to whether conditions. Even players confine to indoor games need regular outdoor workouts to keep themselves mentally and physically fit. Treadmill is the best substitute and solution to overcome thiese problems. We do not say treadmill can 100% nevertheless, treadmill is made of modern technology designed and built in such a way that it overcomes the other problems to a great extent. A technical treadmill provides shock absorbing capacity as it has suspensions. While jogging and running on a treadmill there is no impact as it absorbs the body weight and protects the joints and allows as exercise. By and large it is often seen that treadmill has evolved as an all weather healthy means device for exercise to keep us fit healthy and wealthy.  

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