Friday, 24 June 2016

BODYFUELZ FATBURNER Protein in low price available Store


M.R.P.    1,299
Price    1,200 

Product Specification :

When it comes to Fat loss, there are three essential ways to tackle the problem:

Dietary Supplements: 
In weight management, fat burning supplements help reduce fat without compromising on your health.
BODYFUELZ FATBURNER contains L-Carnatine which plays an essential role in the body's energy metabolism. It acts like a transporting agent by delivering fatty acids from outside cell to within the cell. It is only inside the mitochondria (Power Generator) that these transported fatty acids can be burnt for energy making. L-Carnitine helps to regulate a healthy body weight and favours muscle development.


Increases Fat Burning, which aids in weight management
Reduces the sensation of hunger
Lowers Cholesterol & Triglycerides
Enhances exercise performance
Improves Cardio Vascular health
Maintains Healthy Brain Function
Boost immune system
Exercise Regularly:
Exercise helps in fat burning which occurs only after the first 20 minutes of exercise. Effective fat burning happens only when the heart rate is above 120 bpm (beats per minute).During a workout session, you burn more muscle instead of fat (catabolic state).At this point of your workout, you need to provide your body with appropriate amino acids. 

Controlled Diet: 
People start dieting when they want to lose weight. Though dieting does have short term results of 25-30% of weight loss, there is a great loss of muscle and water than actual fat loss. As a result you tend to feel more tired than when you started your diet. Have six low-calorie meals instead of three large meals.

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