Sunday, 24 July 2016

Octane X - Ride Seated Elliptical Cross Trainer

Octane X - Ride Seated Elliptical Cross Trainer

M.R.P.    300,000
Price    270,000 

Product Specification :


Performance seat gain leverage in your upper-body workouts

MultiGrip handlebars offer a variety of hand positions for push/pull efficiency and muscle isolation

Muscle Endurance adds resistance and challenges your troubled areas; customizable on the xR6e and xR6ce

Chest Press builds endurance and upper-body power; customizable on the xR6e and xR6ce

Leg Press an aggressive routine to build power in your legs; customizable on the xR6e and xR6ce

Superior electronics with preset resistance programs and upgraded HeartLogic Intelligence features on the xR6e and xR6ce

Seat height and tilt adjustment for comfort and proper exercise position

Convenient step-through design allows easy access

Solid, space-efficient platform product weight over 240 lbs., yet is significantly shorter and more narrow than other premium ellipticals or treadmills

Oversized soft grip pedals for variety and comfort in foot placement

MOM Mode optimizes safety by disabling console buttons and restricting movement

Multi Grip

Numerous hand positions better engage the upper body and facilitate moving at various paces and directions against different resistance levels

Seat Ergonomics 

The Active Seat Position is uniquely designed to adjust and comfortably accommodate any size exerciser, while opening up the torso and maximizing the use of the muscles in the hips

Muscle Endurance

This virtual personal trainer prompts you to experience ultra-cross training with periodic commands to push and pull the arms, pedal fast, go in reverse and more. Enjoy exceptional conditioning with this effective, efficient interval program.

Stationary Foot Steps

   Exercisers are able to isolate the upper body for focused strength workouts simply by resting their feet comfortably on the stationary foot pegs


Oversized pedals accommodate every size foot, and soft rubber provides a safe grip surface while enabling you to maximize your efforts.

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