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BH Fitness G5 Tour HA900FT Spin Bike

BH Fitness G5 Tour HA900FT Spin Bike

Product Specification :

Product Description


 Fast-Fit fitting technology

BH Group integrates engineering, ergonomics and geometry of BH road bike to create exclusive Fast-Fit Technology. Everyone could find his/her own BEST riding position on G5 12” Bike Trainer. The seat tube and head tube is labeled with scale in centimeters and inches, all you have to do is adjust the seat tube and head tube according your own measurements, and you can ride on G5 12” bike trainer, just as on your own road bike.

Excellent inertia flywheel
3_334 In order to provide the smoothest pedaling experience, G5 applies the X-shaped frame design and BH bike geometry technology. Based on the excellent geometries of BH road bike and mountain bike, G5 flywheel is equipped in the center of front fork. Such a design provides a perfect balance when riders step on it and provides a consistently smooth workout experience.

MP3 & Dual Speakers

Compatible with MP3 player through a line-in connection, T100 treadmill offers you the most enjoyable sport experience. Instead of just listening to music, you can speak to phone while running. Audio is available through built-in speaker.

4D Micro-adjustment for your fitting

Ergonomically designed handlebar and saddle are both micro-adjustable, horizontally and vertically. Such an excellent design allows riders to adjust the perfect posture to ensure exactly the same position as on the bike.

Align-Precision technology
BH applies Align-Precision technology to align both forkends be equally far from the centerline of the frame. It makes G5 12” to track properly even with high speed rotation.
multi-layer painting

The frame is applied with automobile painting technology to finish the surface. It applies the primer paint directly to the metal and finishing techniques on the overcoat

Durable grooved 
V-belt direct drive system
6 PK V-belt direct drive system assures performance that is very smooth and quiet. Users don’t have to 
friction pad
It has almost infinite adjustability for fine tuned resistance, eliminate thermal problem caused by friction and prevent thermal distortion.

  Ultra strong BB and axles

The rigid bottom bracket features well thermal protection and high reliability, and ensures greater torsion stiffness and cycling efficiency. 10_350_01
BH cycling computer

The large and easy-to-read display monitor displays RPM, calories, distance, speed, time and pulse, helps users to track the training effects

Road bike saddle

ThrThis saddle applies with the same design of road bike saddle, it offers exceptional padding and comfortable material allows riders to feel comfortable during a long ride.

Top-down resistance

Riders can easily turn the knob to fine-tune the resistance levels. G5 12” is equipped with handle lever, Top-down friction resistance adjustment with emergency brake, for infinite adjustability and safety

TMulti-purpose handlebar

The The angle and shape of this handlebar are designed according to the different riding postures of bike riders. You can lean yourself forward on your forearms to train your upper body.

Dual SPD-trekking pedals

It allows users to fasten feet easily and protect users from injury. Also, the tying band makes riders feeling comfortable and prevent any slip.

Flywheel weight 20 kg
Dimensions: 104×64×119(cm)
Weight 56.5kg
Maximum user weight 110kg

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MRP Fitness
Plot No-91,(SCR)
Kharavela Nagar,Unit-3
Mobile:+(91)-9776633220 / 9337702425
Email: mrpfitnessindia@gmail.com info@mrpfitnessindia.com 

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