Friday, 26 August 2016

Octane Pro4500 Cross Trainer

Octane Pro4500 Cross Trainer

Product Specification :


Smart Stride—interactive egronomics which custom-fit exercisers by monitoring pace and direction and intelligently adjusting stride length accordingly

 Electronically adjustable stride length—users choose their stride from 18"–23"

 Multi Grip handlebars—maximize customization, variety and effectiveness

 Five variable stride programs—unique combinations of stride length, direction and resistance

 Intuitive, innovative electronics—Heart Logic Intelligence with digital contact heart rate sensors

 X-Mode and Glute Kicker—prompt users to kick up the intensity with ultimate cross-training positions

 Arm Blaster—powerful program combines interval and strength training with rigorous resistance sessions

 2" pedal spacing and oversized pedals to Mimi human biomechanics

 30 resistance levels—challenge all users

 Low step-up height—easy access

 Dura Drive—reinforced durable drive system

 Heavy-duty—reinforced welded steel frame accommodates users up to 400 pounds

 Space-efficient footprint—makes the most of floor space 

Extraordinary Electronics
The premium Pro4500 elliptical gives exercisers the ultimate variety for maximum motivation and perspiration.

Auto Quick Start—get on and go without having to press any buttons

Dedicated Logic—enables exercisers to change program, time or resistance during workouts

Variable Stride Programs—uniquely combine stride length, direction and resistance

X-Mode—ignites cross training with 8 commands like reverse, squat, fast, push/pull arms and more

Glute Kicker—targets trouble spots in the glutes, hips and thighs with intense movements

Arm Blaster—combines cardio and strength training by requiring exercisers to crank out intense upper-body repetitions every three minutes

Heart Logic Intelligence—includes five interactive heart rate programs for optimum effectiveness

Digital Contact Heart Rate—provides most accurate reading of intensity for ultra-effective workouts

30 resistance levels—meet needs of all exercisers

Unsurpassed Quality
Every Octane Fitness total-body elliptical cross trainer is made to exacting standards with only the best components and expert craftsmanship. During our quest to develop the ultimate elliptical cross trainer, we continuously tested our design for ergonomics and durability. Before we even built units, we were performing computer simulation testing, called finite element analysis (FEA).
We put prototype units on robotic testers to simulate the rigors of heavy use all day, every day. Then we moved into health clubs, where we encouraged exercisers to use and abuse prototype and production units. 
Because Octane Fitness stands for excellence, quality is assured with continuous (24/7) robotics testing.


Max user weight 400 Ibs (181 Kg)
31"x71" (787mm x 1803mm)
Footprint - live area  
31"x84"(787mm x 2133mm)
Product weight  
335 lbs (152 Kg)

Store Location:

MRP Fitness
Plot No-91,(SCR)
Kharavela Nagar,Unit-3
Mobile:+(91)-9776633220 / 9337702425

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