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Gym Exercise Equipment In Bhubaneswar Odisha

Gym Exercise Equipment In Bhubaneswar Odisha 

MRP fitness, established in the year 1986 is one of the most leading Gym equipment shops in Bhubaneswar, Odisha and one of the best known gym/physical fitness center in Bhubaneswar. MRP Fitness , Bhubaneswar is in fact one of the oldest names in the fitness world in Bhubaneswar, Odisha which was developed by a few International level sportsmen and martial artists to promote healthy living and physical fitness.
Though in the initial years of MRP fitness , Bhubaneswar, it focused on developing healthy thinking and exercise in schools, working with the young children in imparting martial art and training in physical fitness; gradually this exclusive gym fitness institution introduced yoga, pranayam and holistic meditation as one of their special services in their institution. Slowly and steadily as the group was turning formalized in to a business venture, when the team moved in to offering total health management, stress management, weight management and old age mobility management programs via Naturopathy, Reiki, Acu-pressure. The group invested in creating various centers of excellence (COE) within its members, by sending them to leading institutions for training purposes. There are many of the people who have received training under experts of MRP fitness who turned in to various fitness experts today.
The training programs from MRP fitness  are also well designed for the fitness experts with defence, police aspirants and sportsmen for whom physical endurance, strength training and self healing is highly essential. As one of the leading gym fitness centers in BhubaneswarMRP fitness is extremely happy to be associated with several successful customers every year. With the gradual increase of the clientele; it was realized that gym and fitness equipments play a crucial role in the business which deals with gym, fitness and healthy living. It was realized that customers were trying hard to access whatever little variety of gym equipments were available in the local market. They had to wait for several days to get their gym equipments and still could not purchase what they actually want to! This is when MRP fitness though to develop a gym that would not only provide fitness programs but also deal with best equipments with a variety of range and offers. Here, began the first official venture “Euro Gym” in the year 1998. This was a pioneer in gym fitness world which brought to the Bhubaneswar market the most modern gym with state-of-the art facilities and services.
Euro Gym received a great success and still continues its successful journey in providing the fastest fitness field to innumerable healthy and happy customers in the state capital. With this, in 2004; the venture was expanded more and was registered with the name as” MRP Distributors”. The new entity brought under it was the Euro Gym and the new gym consulting and fitness equipment manufacturing and distribution company names MRP fitness.
Today, MRP Fitness is one of the leading manufacturer, distributer and importer of world’s best Gym and fitness equipments including Gym Cardio equipments, Exercise equipments, Spare parts and fitness accessories in India.
OUR VISION: We intend in promoting fitness in everyday life and bring the best and most recent fitness technology to all our customers’ every time.
OUR MISSION: We are now focusing on Small home and Office SOHO segment and web based fitness plan and home gym equipment design
Have a look at our Gym and Fitness Equipments!
Our Cardio Equipments :  Treadmills, Elliptical Cross Trainer, Rower machine, Upright Bikes, Recumbent Bike, Exercise Cycle,  Spin Bike, Orbitrak Cycle , Massage chair.
Our Strength Equipments: Multi Gyms, Individual Stations, Cable Crossover, Smith Machine, Exercise benches, Free Weights, Iron Dumbbells, Rubber head Dumbbells, Hex Dumbbells, Barbell Plate, Barbell rod, Olympic Plate, Weight lifting plate, Weight lifting Bar.
Our Fitness and Sports Accessories: Yoga mat, Medicine Ball, Kettle Bell, Punching bag, Punching Gloves, Martial art equipment, Skipping rope, Sliding board.
Our Gym Services!
We have exclusive Gym services with special programs designed under Euro Gym
If you are a fitness freak and actually want to keep self fit and healthy then do visit our gym for sure. If you are looking for purchasing fitness equipments for domestic or commercial purposes then do have a look at our fitness equipments. We assure, you will never be disheartened. 
We are right there for you to answer any of your queries regarding any kind of fitness equipment or their accessories, and also on the nutritional supplements that would keep you healthy and fit and make you achieve the best in your physical fitness goals
Have a healthy life!

MRP  Fitness- Services
In MRP Fitness , we provide a varied range of gym and fitness related services for our customers. Have a look at our list of services.
  1. Exclusive gym and fitness equipments: We provide you with world class gym and fitness equipments of all brands. You can get the best of the products for domestic as well as commercial uses. We not only help you in providing you best quality gym equipments, but also offer you full scale after sales services with your every purchase from us. We also deal with all sorts of fitness accessories.
  2. Fitness Club Design Services: We help you design your own fitness clubs by visiting your site, selecting the right equipments which you need to purchase from us, delivering and installing all the equipments in your club and also in supplying staff for training and maintaining the gym equipments.
  3. Fitness Club Management services: At MRP fitness , the leading Gym equipment center in Bhubaneswar, we offer your staff to our fitness programs which include health fairs, group fitness classes, corporate fitness challenges, team building, small group training and many more
  4. Fitness Training Services: You can experience the best of your physical improvements with our specialized gym programs under Euro Gym. Various fitness training services offered by MRP Fitness at the Euro Gym include General fitness training, sports specific training, weight loss and muscle definition programs, injury recovery training, Yoga, Corporate fitness training, Aerobics etc.
  5. Nutritional Supplements: We also provide you with the best of Nutritional supplements for your health and fitness. You can find a variety of health and nutritional supplements with us which include those required for weight gain, fat burning, endurance and strength gaining and many more.
  6. Fitness equipment repair services: We, also offer you fitness equipment repair, replacement and technical services via our trained technicians who are ready to serve you anytime. You can get in touch at the service desk any time between 10 PM to 5 PM for pre-booking the service appointment in all the days of the week.
We, at MRP Fitness service center are dedicated in all our services and never compromise in procuring best quality equipments, supplements or fitness training for our customers. Our service centers are multi brand and multi type rated and we serve you will all the branded products under a single roof. MRP Fitness , Bhubaneswar is specialized in providing you the best of Treadmill services, multi gym service, home gym service, commercial gym service from all types of brands like Fuel, Cosco, BSA,  Body Solid, Pro Body Line, VIVA fitness, Sole, Spirit, Cruze Fitness, Lexco, Stex, Life Span, Cybex, Toppro, Reebok Fitness, BH fitness, True Fitness etc.

Contact Information :

MRP Fitness
Plot No-91,(SCR)
Kharavela Nagar,Unit-3
Mobile:+(91)-9776633220 / 9337702425

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